My work is openly womanist, anti-racist, and accessibility-oriented. I center Black femmes of all ages and abilities in my practice. It is a priority of mine to serve femmes of all class, ability, and racial backgrounds because I believe no one should be precluded from a joyful, abundant, and equitable life. If you are interested in working with me, I offer pricing plans should you choose them. They are structured to allow you 200% of your time with me to complete your investment. If you feel you are in need of the work, I am happy to work with you on a custom pricing plan.

I have designed all of my services and material as a gift from a neurodistinct brain. I do trauma-informed work and am Mental Health First Aid and Reiki certified in addition to being an REBT (Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy) practitioner. While I am not a replacement for a mental health professional, I aim to provide a container that is trauma-informed, neurodistinct/neurodivergent-attentive, and accessible. 

Please venture to the "Meet Keylee" page for a more detailed overview of how I provide services. Below is a brief list. All prices are per session. I invite you to explore, connect, and see if you are moved. Book a consultation for additional direction below.