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ADHD Reset - Procrastination Hypnosis

ADHD Reset - Procrastination Hypnosis

When "should" is removed, what do you do? What is success to you? How much easier is it to reveal inside and out? Are you tired of constantly struggling to achieve your goals? Do you find yourself constantly battling with inner resistance, making it nearly impossible to follow through on your plans? Look no further. Our Procrastination Hypnosis Track is a subconscious aid that powerfully supports you in repatterning your relationship to creation.


By aligning your doing with your being, this powerful audio track will help you overcome the subconscious patterns that have been holding you back. Developed by an expert in neurointuitive approaches to neurodivergent problems, this protocol has already helped countless individuals. Those with autism and/or ADHD often struggle to release shame, inner resistance, and accomplish their goals. Those who are less-linear thinkers or are struggling with burnout also can have difficulty with setting out a plan of action and following it. 


Living with particular forms of neurodivergence can make it difficult to feel successful, achieve your goals, and feel "mature." With the help of our Procrastination Hypnosis Track, you can break free from these limiting beliefs. Don't wait any longer to start making your goals reality. Try our powerful offering today.

  • Instructions

    When using hypnosis, you must be:

    • Somewhere safe, preferably an enclosed room on a soft surface.
    • Far away from any and all heavy machinery.

    It is imperative to allow the suggestions to build through repeated usage of the track. I recommend six weeks of daily listening. Set an alarm if necessary and please invest your time. As this is not a custom production, please note that any specific concerns beyond the scope of the track are just that. This protocol has been used successfully by several of my clients over the years. 

    KMGS Consultancy LLC retains all rights to productions, including usage, replication, and licensing. This track is for the personal use of the purchaser and not to be reshared. Any violation will be subject to legal action. Purchase is non-refundable. 

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