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Who’s telling Your Story?

Someone is. I hope it’s you. 

Are you ready to get Your Story straight?

It’s time to stop rejecting yourself out of fear others will do it for you. You cannot be rejected once you accept yourself in full. 

Instead of feeling angry and inadequate when you see other people succeeding at living their stories, why not assess your own and shift it?

Instead of dwelling on what was stolen from you, why not fight back? Why let your losses continue to shape where you’ll allow yourself to win?

Instead of being angry at the world and its perceived limits, why not learn to bend reality to your benefit?

Aren’t you bored with getting stuck on “how” only to end up doing nothing at all? 

Get Your Story straight to become totally unavailable for what doesn’t align and totally available for YOU. 

Get Your Story straight to use your truth to communicate and shape your Universe.

Get Your Story straight to cut out the middleman attempting to keep you from wholeness and bliss.

Think of this seminar as reconnecting you to Source so you can tell The Story.

You didn’t stumble and bumble into reading this. You’re here because you’re tired of cycles of lack, dissatisfaction, bitterness, anger, and frustration. You’re here because you value yourself and you’re learning to demonstrate that. 


  • You’ve been in talk therapy and it “didn’t work.”

  • You’re totally self-aware but all that knowledge seems to evaporate when you’re faced with a challenge.

  • You have three manifestation planners, five unwatched courses, thirty dusty freebie PDFs you haven’t glanced at since downloading, and you feel like time is just racing by as the tasks pile up.

  • You simply “don’t have the time” to make taking yourself seriously a practice because you’re paying attention to the “serious” responsibilities that have been placed on you.

  • You wonder what it would be like to be a trust fund nepo baby or you are but you hate the pressure it comes with.

  • Your lower back is killing you and you can’t figure out why, and yoga and pilates aren’t cutting it.

  • You have a vision board but your gut feels uneasy when you look at it.

  • You say you’re going to do something and you don’t even believe yourself when you do. 


You need an integrated brain + body + energy approach for lasting change. Nothing less will do. You need to be mentally free to determine the “what” in your story. You need to trust you can answer the “how” when it comes up. You need to restore your faith in Your Story.


I am safely seen without misinterpretation and my life reflects the truth of who I am. I spend all of my time able to be present, enjoying my integrated life experience. I feel no need to look over my shoulder or focus on the distance to escape “the now.” I understand the steps I have taken and the lessons I have learned. My Story makes sense and is pleasurable. I live fully, not just exist.


I teach the ability to find answers so that you can be sure you are living your truest, fullest life. I give you lasting universal tools to find your neurospecific truths. I teach you how to cut out the middlemen that have inserted themselves into your relationship with yourself. I teach you how to stop hosting them. 


  • Three (3) potent 2-hour sessions spread over 12 weeks to truly give you time to integrate 

  • Alignment assignments and journal prompts

  • An exclusive hypnosis product suite to support and grow with you, module by module

  • Evergreen access, any future updates to course content, and unlimited replays

  • A 1:1 Clarity Session


​Session 1 - The Past

  • Ask the Subconscious

    • How to survey blockages

    • Elicitation of your timeline

    • Becoming the observer

  • The Editor

    • Taking the charge off personal traumas in the brain and body

    • Loss to Lesson - how to take your learnings and use them well

  • Alignment assignments to ground learnings & shift toward the present


Session 2 - The Present (April 3rd, 2023)

  • Becoming Obsessed

    • Building your awareness matrix

    • How to reset in 30 seconds

    • “What do you want?”

  • How to Tell Your Story

    • Leaving people where they have you fucked up aka “Boundaries”

    • How to seed your action cues aka getting your brain onboard

    • Conveying meaning to elicit action from others

  • Alignment assignments to clarify desires and develop action plans


Paid-in-full bonus + VIP Upgrade (opt-in): 1:1 hour-long recorded clarity session with Keylee ($1200) and 1 month of Voxer support


Session 3 - The Future (May 1st, 2023)

  • Time Travel is Safe & Fun

    • How to hop into your Delorean

    • Seeding future tasks into the subconscious

    • Seeing Your Future - Subconscious Vision Boarding

  • Getting Hooked on a Feeling

    • Dream resilience

    • How to know when you’re being asked to move (on or forward)

  • Alignment assignments & final toolkit reveal


Bonus: Monthly Office Hour for Q+A, Q+A support in the forum for all 12 weeks 

Ready to enroll? Not yet? My story and FAQs below.

Reset: 2023 Attendees, please find your special pricing in the forum.


Elevate Financing Available - please email for our personal link.

Enroll Paid-in-Full for $5,000

Enroll Plan 1 for 17 Payments of $312.50

Enroll Plan 2 for 24 Payments of $229.17



My Story

The founder deploys a neuropsych education, extensive clinical hypnotherapy training, and spiritual gifts to guide clients. She produces elite results through elite strategies. The Neurointuitive Method™ effectively provides care through trauma, stagnation, and periods of intense growth over a lifetime. The method aligns the unconscious mind with conscious aims for Neurointuitive™ excellence. 

As featured in Forbes, Brainz, The Guardian, and more


Keylee is the Neurointuitive™ for high-achievers who have done everything right, but it still feels all wrong.


Keylee has earned a reputation for life-changing work that crashes through mental, energetic, and spiritual barriers to resolve conflict. Repatterning the brain to fully serve and do so effectively contributes to personal joy. Everything practiced began through the founder's own healing journey. This led her to a central belief: Healing does not need to be hard. It needs to be tailored.

After experiencing severe trauma and existing in survival mode, the founder continued achieving at elite levels. When she stopped resisting her intuitive ability, she was able to use it with intention and heal myself. Following extensive training to become a master hypnotherapist, Keylee now shares her nature with select clients who are drawn to The Neurointuitive Method™. Keylee has trained in advanced trauma work with experts in the space including Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk, Dr. Thema Bryant-Davis, Dr. Stephen Porges, and Dr. Peter Levine. She takes a loving, strategic approach to growth lauded by clients globally.


Once you enroll, you’ll be prompted to set up an account or simply log in if you already have one on You will always be able to access materials via your profile and regular emails will keep you apprised of course happenings. 

Everything begins on Feb. 20th. Your preparation form is due 24 hours prior to Session 1’s start.

Should I offer The Story again, you will have access to future material updates. Each session is approximately 2 hours long. It’s in your best interest to be prompt, but there will be playback of each session. 

The teachings are rich and there will be monthly office hours prior to the next session. TNM is a mixed modality that emphasizes the body + brain + energy connection. There is also Q+A available in the Forum. 

Each live session is worth $2,400. This package is priced at $5,000. Reset: 2023 attendees, you know your price. That price will be available until Feb. 6th, 2023.



I’m Saturnian, I firmly believe that results follow effort. And sometimes that effort is time. Sometimes it’s energy. I encourage every one of you to find your proper balance. As mapped out, we believe the 2 hour session once a month and 15-30 focused minutes every week would be more than sufficient. Life happens, which is why we’ve extended what was intended to be done in 6 weeks into 12. People, and their brains, body, energy, need time to integrate. The goal is lasting change: not burnout.


Change. Lasting change. If you’re change resistant and it’s hindering your life progress, there will be a point of decision that you come to. This is designed to support you in not chickening out on Your Story. This is built differently so you can emerge differently. 


Yes. I don’t do sales, but one thing I get excited about is payment plans. For Reset attendees, there is a Reset payment plan available until Feb. 6th. Please do not use it if you are not one of them as you will be invoiced for the remainder prior to any session entry. KMGS has a no-refund policy. We’re committed to you and we believe any purchases made with us demonstrate commitment to yourself.


KMGS takes full responsibility for teaching you well and responding to support needs; we do not take responsibility for application or results. You can find reviews from those who’ve worked with us here:




Enroll for a bonus 1:1 Clarity session with recording and 1 month of Voxer support



Plan 1 

17 payments of 312.50/mo


Enroll for 24 payments of $229.16/mo

Additional Questions? Please double check to see if they haven’t been answered above and if not, contact

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