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What My Clients Have to Say

Keylee is an intuitive wonder. I met her when I was feeling stuck in my life. She identified my biggest barriers and helped me zero in on my talents. Her speciality is seeing you. Within a few sessions, I started making important changes. I was able to clarify relationships and start a dream job. Book her!

Ali C.

Keylee is amazing and the most empathetic person I've met so far. We had a call and I felt I truly could be myself and the safe-space sensation was there from the get-go.
I'd highly recommend you talk to her because I'm sure she can do wonders in helping people change their lives for the better!

Yesi D.

I was skeptical about coaching but I knew I wasn't doing everything I wanted to with my life. After my sister worked with Keylee and started changing her life I gave it a try. It's the best investment I've made since my grad degree. I'm happier at work and in my relationships. Thank you, Keylee!

Keylee's intuition and natural ability to see my point of view has helped me immensely in pursuing a more purposeful life. As someone entering her middle twenties I often get caught up in outside expectations. Keylee helped me realize the things most important to me and figure out a way to achieve those goals in a healthy way. Her guidance has been optimal for my overall health.

Alok M.

 Kayla B.


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