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Zaudita F.

I'm almost half way through my coaching with Keylee and I've already made so much progress. Anxiety and saying yes to everyone and everything had me down in the gutter. I made no time for myself and/or my desires and was unhappy and crying everyday. Keylee has taught me the beauty of boundaries. Boundaries are really the key to living life on my terms; the key to my joy and the key to me being the main character. Coaching with Keylee unearthed a lot of emotions that were weighing me down, and the scary part is that I didn't even know they were doing that! I'm so grateful to be in a space of healing. Keylee being the intuitive healer is not for play. She really is true to this.

Update: I am in control of my life again and life isn't just happening to me. This is all a result of coaching with Keylee. In 12 weeks, Keylee was able to help me identify and clear the emotional blockages that were holding me down and barring me from having true connections with people and blocking me from being the person I wanted to be. I had convinced myself that I was this sour, detached person who thrived on being alone but really I was hurting; deeply. Keylee unlocked the pain and helped me find healing and release from the trauma that was my own and trauma that was generational. HEAVY STUFF. It's crazy the amount of stuff we are carrying around with us and we don't even realize or maybe you're like me and you realize some of it but you're like "well how do I even heal, where the hell do I begin, and what is all this pain really, how can I get away from it?!" Working with Keylee is your answer. She is ready to help you, not just ready, but EXCITED to help you. EXCITED to see you thrive. Her passion for this work is palpable. Keylee created an environment where I could relax and be honest, where I could belly-laugh and even cry (I do not cry in front of others!). She created an environment where I could bring my whole self; the good, the bad and everything in between. In short, she sees you. I mean really sees you. This was wild to me because I grew up hiding in the shadows feeling like I wasn't a priority to anyone and from day 1 with Keylee, I knew I made the right decision to work with her. For brevity's sake, I'll end with this, if you're feeling like you need a new lease on life, a life where you're the main character, a life where joy reigns, book with Keylee today. When she's done with you, you'll be a brand new you.

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