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2021 - Be...Cool, Don't Be All Like...Uncool

Hello to 2021!

Hello, Bloomers!

Welcome to 2021, y'all. Good news? We made it out of 2020. Not so good news? Expect a lot of the same lessons and experiences to carry over into the spring of this year. The remedy? Commitment to Cool.

I told you we are in the Epoch of Air. Air, elementally, is often thought of as cold, but I prefer to think of it as cool. We are kicking things off with Aquarius, the fixed air sign of the unexpected, humanitarianism, community, friendship, and technology. To be fixed is to commit. So, embrace the relief that comes with not being in year [redacted], but don't forget to strengthen yourselves for the things to come.

We are called to commit to self-strengthening (shoutout to turn of the century China), community, ease, and courage. We have to commit to redefining what is cool.

Redefining ourselves and our structures requires commitment to love and justice. Remember, the best is blooming, but we have to cultivate it.

I'm still processing 2020's lessons, and I'm sure you are, too. I am committed to my growth and healing work. Allow me to provide a little illumination for you.

Ways You Can Work with Me in 2021: I am available for reiki, readings, spirit stories, and coaching. Standalone readings will be offered on a periodic basis after 1/21. I will be spending the early portion of my year primarily focused on writing and speaking opportunities. My services page will always be updated, and the Reading List will always be informed when I plan to open books.

Welcome to the Era of Cool.

In power and love,

Keylee Miracle

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