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A Black Benediction

For Breonna, Aiyana, Sandra, those whose names we do not know — for us.

There is a rising tempest that will not be ignored. Our seasons of bitterness, of being honey-sweet in spite, will end.

“End this night, if it be Your will.”*

We are divine dust, alchemized into sentience. The black sky, the black infinity, the presence of all light, all color, all — all, just all — is us. You can escape eradication when you are infinite, and it burns the souls of those who are not. Those who see themselves as transient, disconnected, built to extract, built to destroy harmony cannot grasp this infinity. They cannot fathom it beyond knowing it will never be theirs, and it is infuriating. We must let our power burn, incandesce, scorch, purify.

“I cried, power/(Power to the Lord)”**

We are co-creators, infinite in our Source, in our being, in our living. We will end this night. We must end this night.

“Draw us near and bind us tight.”*

May you be inscribed in the Book of Life. May your dawn be bright. May your power resonate. May we end this night. 

  • Lyrics from “If It Be Your Will” by Leonard Cohen, inspired by the invocation “Y’hi ratzon”

  • Lyrics from “Sinnerman” by Nina Simone


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