A Few Changes

The space of extended transformation and teaching is what feels great for me at this time. When I feel great, I’m a better practitioner and in alignment with what I believe.

My Services are as follows:

The Bloom-Space Reset

My baby, my beloved bespoke 1:1 container, is enrolling for October. I get to use every tool I have, neuroscience, experience, and intuition-based, to help you go beyond. This is for the high-achieving woman tired of healing in circles. Go beyond talk therapy, unhook live trauma in the body, and extensively repattern. Get ready to finally recognize yourself.

The Reiki Bundle

I no longer accept standalone energetic services. The only way to work with me in this way outside of my coaching container is the Reiki Bundle. The bundle features 6 sessions – available on a monthly basis to be paid in full or as a fixed subscription. This will be available from September on.

The Miracle Moment

I am thrilled about this new offering. Accessible, effective, and soothing, this will be a lunar monthly creation featuring 4 “tracks.” The very first will be available on September 6th, 2021.

The Miracle Message - an energetic reading

The Breath - a breathwork + meditation session

The Healing - a collective Reiki session, right on your phone

The Focus - closing advice to help you move through the time at hand

It's a new day. I am grateful to support you and continue building the best neurointuitive practice I can.

Thank you for a wonderful first public-facing year.

In power and love,

Keylee Miracle

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