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Be Liberated

When we reject the softness in ourselves, we reject our very center. When we reject dependency as a whole, we reject our design. When we bully ourselves into silence for having needs, we reject our nature and the nature of those around us.

Be liberated.

The outdated model of hyperindependence and interpersonal neglect as a show of “power” is weak, passe, and unsupportable.

There are perfectly reasonable limits to what we can do for ourselves all at once. We, by design, require care and assistance. The giver needs to give, the receiver needs to receive. As individuals, we need to do both in equitable measure. We deprive ourselves of opportunities to connect, to love, and to be restored when we run away from this.

Be liberated.

You do not have to do everything by yourself. In fact… you can’t. There has never been a time in your life where something or someone hasn’t helped you. Whether or not you were directly conscious of it or not is another matter. Finding information you needed when you needed it was help. Someone directly holding your hand and holding you accountable was help.

Be liberated.

Something curious happens when we allow ourselves to be people who need people and resources. (Word to Barbra, one of my favorite Brooklyn broads.) Some of us are so uncomfortable with having needs we craft entire personal and political identities around that shame.

Be liberated.

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