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Behind The Scenes - Pt. 1

I (historically) don’t like launches. They give me agita. Yes, the queen of conquering agita gets it from launches. This is a challenge when you have your own business. AWKWARD! Yikes!

There are too many warring methodologies and process recommendations to be comfortable (for me). A launch is presenting your offering, informing your audience, and hoping it is received. With The Miracle Moment, I've created a hybrid offering meant to be both original and effective.

I have a little bit of a reputation for my voice work. I've been known to pierce anxiety and stimulate creative energy. This talent is usually enjoyed by my extended 1:1 clients aka it's not available to everyone. With The Miracle Moment, I'm changing this. Accessible, effective, and soothing, this will be a lunar monthly creation featuring 4 “tracks.” I'm going to take you behind the scenes, track by track.

Track 1 - The Miracle Message

I used to do readings. Like… a lot of them. But I never identified as a reader. I love all of my gadgets, but ultimately, a divination tool is a way to connect, communicate, and catalyze. That’s the function I’ve always wanted them to serve. The Miracle Message track of The Miracle Moment is my version of a monthly reading, outlining themes and icebergs (things that may pop up).

The specialized spread I developed will feature archetypes, tarot, and oracle.

Are you excited yet? You can pre-order yours here.

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