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Behind The Scenes - Pt. 3

Introducing Track 3 of The Miracle Moment - a hybrid offering meant to be both original and effective. Find the introduction to prior tracks here.

Track 3 - The Healing

As Reiki becomes increasingly popular (and increasingly validated by the medical community), curiosity skyrockets. To recap, Reiki is an energy-based healing modality. It emphasizes tapping into universal energy to direct it for greater knowledge, personal and collective health, and your highest good. In “simple” scientific terms, one of its most prominent effects is to activate your parasympathetic nervous system. The PNS is activated when your body is resting – think deep sleep and healing.

I’ve been able to build a clientele as a trusted practitioner and they keep me busy. For this I am grateful. I also know it can be difficult for new clientele to sign on or even sample the practice. This is my collective offering for a collective in need of energy, focus, grieving, and healing.

Curious? The Miracle Moment drops tonight here.

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