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There is something so damn frustrating about stagnation after you've "done the work." It feels like a rip-off of time and energy. To put it most eloquently, it genuinely feels like bullshit. It's like there was a silent agreement made and *something* didn't hold up their end.

When you're at this point of utter annoyance, there are two layered questions you need to ask yourself:

1) Did I actually do my work or did I go through the motions?

2) Whom did I do this work for and am I still clear on its intended purpose? When we get into our "healing journey," it is easy to get caught up in trendy modalities, jargon, and demonstration. This can be emphasized when people know we are in the process of taking stock of ourselves. We can feel undue pressure to "demonstrate" our changes before we are ready. This is when you meet the person whose stated philosophy is totally different than their lived reality. In short, you create conflict within yourself if you aren't mindful. It is very easy to lose sight of the truth, which is that there is no finish line. You are tasked with being more of yourself as time passes, experience accumulates, and information accrues.

As @khaenotbae would say, "Y'all gon' jump me?" You know that silent agreement you made with the "something" that if you did the things the results would follow? The "something" is your shadow. So the "something" is a someone. It's you. Before you let a reflexive surge of anger, shame, hurt, whatever else swamp you, take a breath. You're exactly who you were sent here to be - it's only a matter of expressing that essence on a timeline only you can choose. We deposit our power in places that don't belong to us often. It's like running around to every bank in existence, dropping something off (that belongs to you!), and being surprised when they don't want to give it back. Y'all know banks love hoops once they have what they want from you. While they always want more, there's always that hint of fear that more will not be forthcoming. That's why they cling to accumulate as much interest as possible on what belongs to you. There's always more. There's even always more you (plenty to discover). What there isn't more of is time. This isn't a cue to panic. It's a cue to take your time, your life, your Story seriously. You deserve a comprehensible past, an enjoyable present, and a secure future. The way to the future is in the present. Remember, you're on a timeline only you can choose. This February, I want to help you explore your brain + body + energy using The Neurointuitive Method. I want to teach you how to work with your own timeline. In context. The context is you, Your Story. Here are some more questions for you:

1) Do you understand the beginning in a way that feels satisfying?

2) Do you have any bitterness or frustration left over your past?

3) Do you understand your present on the deepest, clearest soul level? If your answer to any of those was no, let's straighten it out. You can sign up for the remaining spots in The Story here. With (real) love, Keylee

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