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going within: the value of knowing your own voice

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

It’s totally bizarre but hypnotherapy, listening to another person’s voice, helps you clarify your own at the deepest level. I was recently interviewed in a fantastic new publication called Brown Style. (You can find it here, but for my ADHD pals, just open the tab in the background and come right back.) The article was about transitioning into a “soft girl fall.” I've never thought of it this way, but social media seems to be full of winter scaremongering. I’m so serious about people’s wellness not being a trend but a continuous recommitment to life. It is imperative to let a trend be an entry point and then personalize it. This is the difference between fashion and style, collective and individual, everyone else’s voice and yours.

A very wise friend of mine once told me, “When you have nothing, you have everything.” I think of the metaphysics of autumn and winter in this way. When everything is transitioning, you see yourself in place. When everything seems barren, you return to your core. You practice connection, create your own warmth. It’s not about what’s outside but about what’s within. Circadian rhythms notwithstanding, I don’t think it’s anything to scaremonger about but to embrace. (If you even live in a place that has noticeable winter, as we are from 6 continents in the The Neurointuitive community.) Easing yourself into the darker periods of the year should not be filled with fear. S.A.D. can be treated and often prevented. It requires more conscious nourishment (including sun and medication, if needed) and more intentional rest. We know that when the sun isn’t as present outside, we bring its warmth inside. We eat warm food and gravitate to sun-colored things (squash, pumpkin, etc.). None of this is an accident.

Aesthetics are important and so is lived reality. There is immense value in “softening” your life. Not bypassing but softening. We can make reality a beautiful thing we are excited to connect to consistently. Clarifying the subconscious helps narrow any gaps between your inner reality and outer reality. You can have the life you want through resolving deep conflict and taking aligned action. There is work involved. Your softest life is always the result of congruence. That takes work when you live in a distorted world.

You have to go inward. Hypnotherapy is a tool for this work in a very direct way. In the spookiest sense, it cracks you open so you can see the truth of your insides. It sounds properly gnarly, but when there’s a problem, you need a solution. You owe yourself that quality of life. When you practice this enough, your approach gets to be more… laparoscopic. You know when they send the little camera in so they can do a surgery with little robotic movements? They can only do that because they know the truth of the insides. Connecting to the essence of yourself requires you to reckon with the other voices.

You don’t want to hear your most critical teacher or your pastor or your mother or your second cousin or known limitations or lack’s voice over your own when you’re trying to decide what you want for your life. Knowledge is knowledge, so helpfully transmitted to us by others. Knowledge can only become wisdom when it’s personalized and practiced. It’s time to go inward and listen carefully. The next time you read scaremongering about a natural transition, counter it by reading something that has active guidance. Weigh it against what's within. Then… you know… do something.

Many blessings and much love,


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Going within: the value you of knowing your voice article was a really good read. I’ve noticed this winter ❄️ in Chicago, I have become more accepting of this time. I still have my resistance when it’s below zero lol but I’m gratefull to have time to reflect and move slow when I need to. And when I can’t- I still find time to check in with myself. I even go out on walks and feel the cold breeze on my face. It’s beautiful and healing. Overall, finding news ways to connect to my own inner voice has been a huge theme for me this year. Thanks for writing this article!

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