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How to raise a setpoint

Let this serve as your introduction to setpoints. What are setpoints? You may have heard of them referred to as things like "upper limits," "threshold," "capacity," etc. They're a human reality so there are many ways to describe them. I simply call them setpoints. A setpoint is the ceiling you place on things and feelings, generally speaking. We each have setpoints for how much joy we will allow ourselves to have, how much dysfunction we will tolerate, how much money we will allow ourselves to make, how shiny our lives can be... The list goes on. The point is we encounter our setpoints all the time. In fact, to further our learning we often run straight into them. This is not a bad thing but you may experience recoil. A major theme of Saturn is about making things manifest. Making your ideas reality. Grounding your lofty vision into something tangible (which in no way diminishes its sacredness). Often, when "dirty" words like responsibility, work, effort, time, limits, and boundaries enter the chat, we give up. We simply throw up our hands. We overanticipate frustration and thwarting. We get frustrated or bitter before we begin. It's always related to your setpoints. Setpoints are a free thing, somehow both firm and undulating. They like to oppose each other. They like to be paradoxical. For instance, a person who is a habitual overachiever obsessed with "success" and external validation may find themselves averse to work and money. That is often the result of the setpoints for esteem, criticism, and reward colliding. Yes, they are intertwined but they are different. There are unrecognized highly confident people with a low threshold for criticism walking around. That's their story. There is a subconscious aspect to every setpoint that needs to be actively processed. It doesn't just go away. You can read all the books but the setpoint won't lift until you feel all the feelings. You can make plenty of money and have a negative setpoint for it. You can make $600,000 a year, and if your setpoint is to have -$50,000, you will find a way to spend $650,000. There's feelings... a story there. Please note that having a ceiling is not the same as reaching it. Aka you need to have intention in addition to a raised setpoint. So, when you learn to shift the stories in your subconscious, you can go through the setpoints you're coming up against whenever you do. For the rest of your life. This is the lesson of the Saturn return, by the way... that you will be confronted if you don't confront "it." And sometimes that happens through sitting your ass down. Your present, what's material, comes into focus. You only move forward through looking the setpoint in the eye. If you're tired of running at the wall, this is the last chance to enroll in The Story and get the priming hypnosis before Session 2 (The Present) tomorrow. Delve into the past in protected space with me as your highly trained guide. Full details, FAQs, and payment plans at

Can't enroll? Start raising your setpoints by using the TNM Three.

1. Without involving anyone else or past drafts in this story, what is happening at this very moment?

2. Am I (insert your human design signature) with what is happening? (i.e. satisfied, at peace, feeling successful, or pleasantly surprised)

3. If I were entirely willing to do my part to facilitate a more (insert signature) outcome, what would I need to know and do next? What becomes true?

For example, a generator would ask number one for a clear assessment of the situation at hand. They would then ask if they are satisfied with it. Following that, they would ask what they'd need to know and do for a more satisfactory outcome.

Take that and run with it. For more assistance, join us in The Story.

With love, Your Neurointuitive

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