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How I went into service as a hypnotherapist

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

How my life took me toward this work

Photo of Keylee Miracle by Hideki Aono in her hometown of Brooklyn
Photo of Keylee Miracle by Hideki Aono

I'm Keylee. Some of you know me from diverse chapters in my life. The majority of you know me solely by my work as one of the most recognizable hypnotherapists in the USA. In true Scorpio rising (Aquarius sun, Capricorn moon) fashion, I generally hold what's dearest to me and my transformation cycles close to the vest. So, now's a good time for you to meet me again! FYI, this is a longer one because I'm like Hot Forrest Gump. And yes, Miracle is my real name. I, Keylee Miracle, M-NLP, CCH am a pioneer in intuitive optimization, neurospecificity, and trauma recovery. What does that mean? As the creator of The Neurointuitive Method™, I use my neuropsychology education (torture in the wilds of Massachusetts), training in clinical hypnosis (my escape from torture in the wilds of Massachusetts), and mastery of intuitive practice (why I thought I was going crazy in my preteen/teen years) to facilitate lasting excellence for clients internationally. I, and my work, have been featured in Forbes, XoNecole, Brainz Magazine, Mindpath, and more. (Even the Library of Congress!) My first clients were total strangers, friends, friends of friends, and occasionally family. (Total strangers were easier because how random is it to train as a clinical hypnotherapist for fun and plan to go into tech sales for money.) To complete my first hypnosis certification, I had to put in many, many supervised hours. I am now a certified clinical hypnotherapist in the US and the UK. Luckily, I saw the light about my talent & skill. I hated tech sales and literally ended up spiritually advising my client book. I have flown solo now for a few years. I'm Saturnian and trained as a scientist & historian, so in the past I'd struggle to give myself credit where it was due. Everything needs time for me. I graduated as a master hypnotherapist but didn't feel comfortable calling myself that until I'd done it by myself and had successful clients I could refer to over time. Why brain stuff? In high school and college, I had tons of neurological and emotional problems. Migraines, absence seizures, PTSD, C-PTSD, double depression, anxiety... you name it, I had it, and I would research the hell out of it. My father unfortunately began showing signs of what became early-onset dementia at this time after a car accident. I researched that, too. What I couldn't research was becoming aware of my clair abilities again. I took a little school trip to New Orleans around 16 and everything changed. I simply thought I was losing my mind. I know that I come from a long line of highly intuitive individuals now. So, I went to a proving ground in the wilds of Massachusetts aka my alma mater and started studying neuroscience & history. (Memory history, go figure.) All of my jobs and internships were about health and understanding how people healed. I started studying spirituality and hypnosis around the same time. I grew up learning metaphysics but I became severely alienated as I navigated trauma. After a lengthy brain stuff & PTSD recovery process and a shocking late ADHD diagnosis, I came to understand that healing does not need to be hard; it needs to be tailored. I'm skipping a lot of "life" - you'll have to buy my book when I feel like releasing it - but you get the gist. I became a Reiki master, fell in love a few times, lived in a few countries, developed into a better friend and made plenty of new friends, faced down trauma from sexual assault & childhood wounding, practiced healthy interdependence, resolved attachment issues, picked up a few languages, changed a few life stories, etc. I've built a practice that has served hundreds of high-achievers on 6 continents, assisting them in healing their subconscious to remove barriers to conscious goals for good. I've helped them restore the sanctity of their subconscious by supporting their inner voice. When we have that truth, nothing has to be hard. So... that's me! That's the "why." My smile is so real and hard-won. I don't think the process of healing needs to be hard at all. It's just a series of changes. If you'd like to be one of my lovely clients or just talk to me a little more, I invite you to check out my services page. If you have any other inquiries, please reach out to Welcome! Sincerely, Keylee

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