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Money, Value, Power

Money is a very powerful teaching tool because it’s the essence of symbolism. It shows us a universal truth: all things are neutral until we assign them meaning. Pieces of paper/metal, numbers on a screen, all “determining” access. Money is a completely neutral tool. We often use it as a placeholder for value, security, and well-being. We allow money to mean things about who we are.

If you understand value and the power to assign meaning, your relationship with the world at large quickly becomes 3 things:

  1. Less complicated

  2. More complex to the naked eye

  3. Very simple to you

This power to assign meaning is integral to your value. As Beyonce says, “No one else in this world can think like me.” That’s a fact and a half for me. I hope you know, like your times tables, that it is for you, too. You should be using it.

I am a very whole person. I am completely aware of that wholeness. That’s occasionally deeply threatening to people who don’t feel the same.

More on money: I’ve been screaming about this for years because the nodes were transiting my 2nd house and 8th house and then into the signs of value (Taurus & Scorpio). Scorpio is my 1st house and Taurus is my 7th house. “Value” and “power” are critical themes of my life. My value is directly linked to my selectivity in all things, including the nouns I surround myself with, where my power goes, and the way I assign meaning. I have come to an intimate understanding that I am the power, the value, the money, etc.

I have a saying that I have been teaching for years. The phrase is, “You are the money!” If you’ve worked with me, I have probably told you that or that you must be precise with your language (how you assign meaning and construct your world). “You are the money!” means stop externalizing your success. “You are the money!” means stop externalizing your connection to Source. If you are the money, what is there to seek? Nothing. You receive plenty of opportunities to have your decision that you are indeed the money affirmed.

If I am who I am, and I am talented, I am necessarily compensated for that. I am necessarily valued, cherished, taken care of. I must be supported because that’s just how that works. I am the money. I know what I am available for. I am me. My number one revenue generating task is being myself.

I was raised in Unity, so some version of this belief was always in my milieu but it can be damned hard to retain once you get out into the conditioned world. There is a process of retraining, unlearning, and relinquishing that is necessary to progress.

One of my favorite clients is constantly receiving random infusions of cash. I didn’t change her essence, her essence is valuable, but I helped her amplify it with my teachings.

I talk about these things nonstop, so please feel free to explore archival material to that end. If you’re ready to address things directly, purchase the Money Talks bundle. I originally decided to sell only 7 of these. It’s clear to me that the need is wider.

As the bundle stands, it is responsible for 8 figures of yields. Like all my work, as I expand, it expands and all purchasers receive the updates. I’m so proud of what I do. I am not new to this, I am true to this. Engage with timeless wisdom here.

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