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surrender as a power move: taking the anxiety out of manifestation

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letting the universe assist

Surrender is one of the most empowered choices you can make. It’s like allowing the Universe to be your assistant. You leave a to-do list, trust that they have learned you, and allow them to provide attention to detail you may have missed. You allow them to execute on your vision and tell you what they need to help bring it to life. Taking the anxiety out of manifestation starts here. When working with assistance, there may be times those who are aiding you return for further guidance. Think of it as providing clarification. It's a subtle reorientation that's needed because as we expand, things shift around. The larger the goal, the more clarification may be required. This entire process proceeds by authenticity, then priority. It is divorced from human timing. Authenticity is the authenticity of the ask. Why do you want what you're asking for? Is it a desire formed in negative space aka is this coming from a place of lack, proving, frustration, etc. There's nothing wrong with experiencing feelings of frustration. You just won't like the fruits of what you create from there. Before you say I'm wrong (because you can point at what frustration has wrought), was it frustration or the decision that you deserve better? Priority is the ranking and the power behind the intention. When you're in an authentic place and deem something high priority, you might see it in your reality more quickly than a more general desire. But, again, this is divorced from human timing. If your intention is pure (it comes from authenticity), take the result as a given. Release the timetable. Set the priority. Please stop expecting to have a teaspoon (perhaps heaping) of bullshit with the delivery of what you've asked for. This creates an intense subconscious fear of change and movement. I have struggled with this. I have formative experiences with me getting something I wished and prayed for followed by people immediately attacking me. I'm intimidating to anyone who fears shadow and I have been my whole life. That's hard to deal with as a child or young person. Other people's projections are not something I can do anything about, but at times it would have the intended effect. The goal was to slow me down and get me to reject the universe's assistance. I would try to slow-roll my blessings so other people could be comfortable with it. I would brace for bullshit. People who are used to less have a tendency to try to make others accept less, too. It's a lens they see through and it's difficult for them to lower that glass. It is their organizing principle. Those who believe you can only have more if others have less are generally in charge because they are desensitized to animism. They have used this belief as a global organizing principle, hence our collective training and inclination to lower ourselves. You need to know this: it is safe for you to raise your head. It is safe for you to raise your standards. It is safe for you to move. It is safe for you to ask for the universe's assistance from a place of authenticity and priority. You deserve the full experience of who you are without the fear you are inadequate. Surrender is not so much a fear-filled ceding of control but a release of the need to micromanage. We only micromanage when we fear we won't get what we need. Call back your power and let the universe assist you. Surrender is a power move. Many blessings and total love, Keylee If you need some assistance with this reframe, I'm booking personal sessions and constantly expanding the at-home suite. Please explore below.

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