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2024: the year of freedom through leadership

Sometimes people lose the plot and see their way "out" of whatever situation they're in through other people. We each have a direct connection to Source, and some of us are more finely honed. It is the finely honed's responsibility to keep the connection strong and embodied. It is our responsibility to do our own work first before seeking others'.


When you're seeing your way out of a situation as purely external, you are mistaking a possible channel for your Source. I see this all of the time and I've lived it, so I can tell the tale and hold myself to a more comprehensive standard. The second you start getting hungry for what someone else can give you, the worst is already happening in your mind. There's some crevice where the worst has come to pass. The more energy it's given is the more the crevice widens.


The simplest way to model this is through money, so that's what I'll use. It's perfectly practical and advisable to plan for your abundance. It's healthy to set a money goal and plan out some reasonable ways you'll arrive at it through your known channels (business model, salary possibilities, career changes, investment vehicles). This is not the same energy as the hunger I mentioned above. That hunger comes with despair & desperate movement.


When you get deeper into that, the next external sign of life is always making or breaking you. If you don't get the bonus, the sale, the role, those things start distorting. They start taking shape as the reason you can't relax, breathe, pay rent, buy groceries, do x, y, and z. Then, you start doubting, resenting, insulting yourself, the market, the world, the people who aren't being your kingmaker, the potential clients, the potential employers, anyone you've ever felt has shortchanged you, and anything that hasn't been "enough," etc.


You start looking outside of yourself & all you see is problem after problem. Disappointing savior after disappointing savior. There is a level of self-leadership that's required to pull yourself out of that and stay out of that.  

This actually requires you to acknowledge reality. The reality is not your spiral. The reality is the moment. If you confront the moment, you let your past be what it is and decide how to proceed. Many of us have subconscious barriers to the type of steady leadership that is required for the lives we want to lead. Many of us struggle to respect our own authority, our own power. It’s up to us to get to the heart of that and tighten up. You have to tighten up to expand. 


Everything gets more stringent when you’re building your personal relationship to your power. There’s no one to hide behind. It’s you. Confronting. Your primary focus is your life. When you see someone who always has a problem, do you want to be led by them? Be honest. The answer is probably “no,” unless you’re working out some serious self-sabotage. This is not because they are not allowed to be human in the world but because you can pick up on the unchecked incongruence. (Note: incongruence ≠ complexity + capacity. They’re different. You can safely embody the latter.) Unchecked incongruence is dangerous.


You will encounter experience because you are indeed human. You will have to lead yourself. 2024 is the year of freedom through leadership. Lead. Yourself. Well. 


If you call yourself living a liberation-based life or doing any sort of liberation-based practice, the ceiling is not the current paradigm you’re in. That’s a misconstruction. You do yourself (and the ancestry you derive power from) an immense disservice when you flatten yourself into a person who only lives “against.” You get to live “for.” It may be normalized to not live “for” anything these days. This is not an accident because it’s anathema to self-leadership. It siphons power. This year, keep your leadership standard high. Guide yourself out of your spirals and your paradigm. Ask for my help if needed. 


I am wishing you a beautiful year ahead, full of blessings that were not denied but simply delayed for further refinement. (Because the standard is higher and all.)


Sincerely because words actually mean things,



If you’re done with your current paradigm and you’re willing to do the work, I invite you to come see me or recalibrate with the product suite. I’m booking 2024 Power Play sessions, accepting Power Paradigm clients, welcoming Power Potential playmates, and custom Power Play tracks are in the shop.


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