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Divorced From Divinity

The biggest challenge I encounter in my practice is divorce from divinity. When you are divorced from divinity, you are unable to perceive the possibilities available to you and discern which ones to pursue. Curiously, I think of divinity as fundamentally human. It is in our ability to create, love, and expand. It is our essence and origin. Divinity is congruent with most modes of spirituality, many religions, and Western science. We are animated bits of stardust, wending our way along infinite paths. Hosting the sacred within ourselves gives rise to a beautiful, proprietary freedom. The same freedom can become our most prominent hindrance, leaving us stuck in a web of our own making.

Choice paralysis in an age of shifting foundations is endemic and insidious, a heightened anxiety response to collective confusion. I am certainly not immune, and one of my former primary responses to being unsure was to pour into others. While I managed this juggling act effectively for years, it is a wonderful way to burn out and stagnate. I started to realize if I could sustain a coaching practice that led people to incredible success while not addressing areas of my own life I wasn’t satisfied with, the power I could unlock if I followed my own recipe would be immense. No more freestyling, a little structure for my self-mastery. I would be divine, connected, attuned. Physician, heal thyself; it was time for me to reconcile.

I’ve spent the last few weeks practicing a routine of doing one of the assignments I would typically give a client per day in addition to following a coaching program with the wonderful Christine Lee. It’s been helping to ground me and reconnect me to my own divinity more consciously. In this period of extreme change, I remember no one can force me to step forward. I have to do it myself. As I do so, I have to use my powers of discernment and trust in my intuition to guide me. “No” is a major tool for giving your life its contours, which is why femmes are taught to fear the word. Saying no reflexively without intuition’s contribution is not an effective practice. That boxes you in, keeping you stagnant even as you feel you have taken action. Saying “no” in order to shape, to etch boundaries puts you squarely in the bloom-space. This is, when you look closely, deeply affirmative.

If you’re feeling disconnected from your divinity, take a moment to recommit. You are committing to yourself, your most important relationship. What have you done for yourself lately? (Plot twist: if you’re a person who tends toward overactivity, this is your millionth reminder that this can be a rest. It needs to be said.) You are your number one. Step into your bloom-space.

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