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Full Moon Fears

I had to come to you with a message for the Full Moon in Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign of transformation in every cliché. It’s also a sign known for its clarity and its high levels of suspicion. Transformation, as all living beings know, is a multifaceted, multistep, multisensory process. It’s often painful and always begins with a choice, whether or not it’s yours.

I find myself in the midst of graduation season with very little zeal for what comes next. It feels anticlimactic, all of the enthusiasm abruptly drained out of the experience like a pinpricked balloon. But I am excited. I’m excited to get back just a pinch of liberty, though I’ll miss the intellectual camaraderie and stimulation I got used to over the years. They say knowledge is freedom, and it is, but academia left me feeling hunted and trapped. To not feel this way requires a shift in how I choose to be in my day-to-day. It’ll be a change but nothing comes before its time. I refuse to be afraid of this shift.

Why does this matter to you? I’m not sure. Tonight, I intend to unleash a primal scream, lay down some of the burdens I’ve been carrying, and choose the new me. I don’t care who knew the various versions of old me. I don’t care what they think of her. I only know who I am now and who I intend to be in the future. I release the hurt I’ve received, and I pray that all of the hurt I’ve caused can fall away, too. I welcome this Full Moon with a loving spirit. I take it as an opportunity to shift, grow, and be. I hope you will, too.

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