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Five Steps for Accessing Your “Bloom-Space”

1. Figure out your why.

2. Make a list (List #1) of things that make you smile.

3. Make a list (List #2) of things that make you feel great even when they’re difficult to do.

4. Make a list (List #3) of what you fear.

5. Figure out what you are willing to give yourself to make your life have more of Lists #1 and #2 and to understand List #3.

The bloom-space is where you expand, taking yourself to the next level. It is about cultivating a space within yourself that you can always return to in order to connect with your divinity. Tend to it, decorate it, get familiar with it. It holds thought patterns, practices, and reminders. It is the most useful portable space you will ever have, surpassing even those much sought-after, ever-elusive jean pockets.

Accessing the bloom-space is not about moving to a mountainside and adopting asceticism. It is not about purchasing expensive products and services you have no clue how to use. (It can be, if that’s what makes you happy.) It’s about accessing the greatest part of you. Let your divine power of creation fuel your growth.

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