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Healing doesn't have to be hard; it has to be tailored.

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Let's talk about the power to unlock and unblock your reality.

Who are you, really? Who do you choose to be? How do you use your power? Your subconscious is the seat of your intuition; when you are disconnected from it, you are unable to successfully access your elevated levels of power. 


The subconscious keeps a record of all that is experienced in your lifetime(s), in collective memory, and across your family constellation. There are places of limitation that may not be immediately apparent to you that can be made into places of power. We all dream. We need our power to bring our dreams into reality as designed. It is our instinct to create our reality on a subconscious level.  


It's time for a new approach to potency: a neurointuitive® one. 


 The Neurointuitive Method® allows you to unlock and unblock your subconscious through 1:1 sessions, small group facilitation, and a comprehensive product suite. This is not entry-level personal work. This is transformation: immediately lived, elite, and lasting. This is unshakable, built-in support on the deepest possible level from the highest view.

Founder Keylee Miracle (yes, it's her real name) is an award-winning hypnotherapist with a wealth of experience in the fields of hypnotherapy, neuropsychology, Reiki, and intuitive practice. Keylee's approach focuses on connecting the brain, body, and energy for lasting transformation. She understands that healing doesn't have to be hard; it needs to be tailored.

Using The Neurointuitive Method®, Keylee helps her clients break free from self-sabotaging behaviors, accidentally accrued baggage, and deep internal conflict. By uniting the conscious and unconscious mind, Keylee's clients experience power-full transformations that lead to more intentional living and clear results. It is possible to create endogenous windows of enhanced neuroplasticity to foster lasting change. It is possible and probable that your dreams can be made manifest with a clarified, honed, and potent subconscious.

The Neurointuitive Method®'s customizable approach takes into account varied learning styles. Its elegant blend of hypnosis, human design, neuropsychology, and intuitive practice is designed to meet each client where they are.

If you're a high-achiever who's ready to go beyond talk therapy and embark on a transformational journey, let us help you break free from self-sabotage and old stories. It's time to meet yourself fully.

Step into your power.




Healing does not need to be hard. It needs to be tailored.


Hitting the healing wall is hard. You've probably tried to intellectualize your way out of trauma. Perhaps you’re not sure the someone you are is still authentic. Sometimes too much is being asked of you while not enough is being given to you. Maybe, over time, your vision of the "possible" has narrowed and you cannot quite understand why. All of this can keep you from journeying. Unresolved inner conflict creates psychological fractures that affect how we individuate, connect to others, and take action.

I am The Neurointuitive® for high-achievers who have done everything right, but intuitively know there is more impact and ease to be had. Book a consultation below to go beyond talk therapy and reclaim your personal power.


Considering Keylee to write for your publication, lead a workshop for your organization, or serve as your neurointuitive? Fill out the form below and someone on the team will respond.

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