When you've done everything right and it still feels all wrong...

It's time for a neurointuitive approach to healing. Healing doesn't have to be hard; it has to be tailored. It has to be cut to fit the way you already perceive the world, yourself, and your aims. Transformation comes from witnessing yourself fully. It comes through uniting your unconscious mind and conscious mind in service of you. Avoiding this affirming act leaves you drained, depleted, and limited, locked out of Your Bloom-Space.

I see you. It’s not your fault. We are often performing roles that we have been placed in through systems + lineage. I see you, I see your needs, and I see your desire to have them met. I am a Neurointuitive coach for high-achieving Black women and WOC ready to go beyond talk therapy.



What Bloomers Say

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Dawn S.

I am a believer in Personal Development and have done the odd reading. I’ve always come away from those feeling like there was something missing. Keylee was highly recommended to me by a trusted friend. I decided to go along with my prepared list and a dose of scepticism. There is a saying - ‘Man plans and God Laughs’. Keylee blew my scepticism clear out of the water, in fact it went skipping out of the building. To coin a phrase – ‘I was shook to the core’. I planned (or imagined) the session would go in one direction. Keylee went in full spectrum mode, I had nowhere to hide. During the session we touched on areas within my life which I thought I had I under some control. I surrendered to her guidance and came away feeling truly seen, with an action plan to take myself forward. I will be investing in Keylee’s services. She is a professional, sentient, and passionate advocate for self-care and its inherent benefits. Her approach is unique, she is a gifted soul. Get in while you can – I predict she will be snatched up by a Global Network. Yes, she is that Great – get in NOW!


Healing does not need to be hard. It needs to be tailored.

Hitting the healing wall is hard. You've probably tried to intellectualize your way out of trauma. Someone has probably told you being yourself wasn’t okay. Perhaps you’re not sure the someone you are is still authentic. Maybe too much is being asked of you while not enough is being given to you. All of this can keep you from blooming.

I am a neurointuitive coach for high-achieving Black women and WOC who have done everything right, but it still feels all wrong. Book a consult below to go beyond talk therapy and reclaim your personal power.

In Bloom


Grounded High Hope + Intuitive Interdependence

Staying in a place of grounded high hope can be challenging. All that we are comes down to our relationships: with ourselves, with others, with structures, and with the cosmos. Those who have been marginalized have more difficulty with the healthy interdependence required for total alignment. I’m here to acknowledge that, walk with you, and guide you into the space of growth where you've always belonged.

I don’t deny reality; I simply help you shift it. I’m an intuitive, dedicated professional whose first priority is always learning where you thrive and strategies to keep you there. I provide reality-conscious nurturance, inspiration, and clarity. I’ve been called to serve in this way, bringing my wonderful clients to The Bloom-Space. If you feel called to live a happier, more attuned life, you have come to the right place. Please explore and reach out for 1:1 sessions.

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I help clients feel empowered to transform their lives. I take a practical, progressive approach to achieving dreamy goals and holistic healing. There are proven strategies for welcoming a reality shift into our lives. I am skilled in those strategies and always learning to benefit this practice. I believe each of us is a sacred expression of good with unique talents and gifts. When we choose to align with this knowledge, incredible things blossom. We have the freedom to evolve, grow, bud, and bloom.

I am a healer and generationally endowed intuitive, using an approach that blends electrified words, Reiki, timeless spiritual principles, modern neuroscience, and my lived experience. I hold certifications in NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), REBT (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy), Mental Health First Aid, and Reiki. 

I seek to emphasize emotional clarity. We are free to unpack the damage the world can deal us and step into our power. We are each capable of radiance. I love to help people turn on their shine.

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I offer a variety of services, including readings, distance reiki, and exclusive alignment coaching services.


Readings are offered in two periods over the year (November-January and May-July), live via Zoom (Reset Readings). These are intuitive readings featuring tarot, oracle cards, and channeled messages. If a Reset Reading option is not available on the services page, you may inquire about their next opening.


Reiki is an energy healing practice. Our minds and bodies function through a complex series of electrical impulses. Energy is available to be directed, and reiki works off of this premise. A Reiki practitioner acts as a channel to direct energy while, you, the recipient does just that: receives intentionally. The recipient chooses a time when they are able to receive and can choose to provide an overview of what they'd like to shift. Reiki is offered in The Re-Energize Bundle.

Laser Reset Coaching

These sessions are bespoke, designed around a small scope of issues you present to me. Designed as an intro to The Bloom-Space Reset, I provide expert guidance and reach into my toolbox to best assist you. (Modalities not limited to hypnotherapy, reading, Reiki, etc.) You are provided with a custom plan for the next 90 days and exercises to continue on your own.

1:1 Coaching - The Bloom-Space Reset

This is an involved individual program, tailored to your personal growth and goals. Using a background in psychological, neurological, spiritual, and holistic health, together we select useful modalities for your personal achievement. I seek to help you modify your subconscious to support your conscious aims. I help you remain accountable to your Highest Self.

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My work is all about getting individuals attuned to their personal power. My clients are seen, heard, and amplified.


You will receive an intimate overview of past, present, and future energies. Whatever is channeled, I share. 


You will receive directed universal energy for your healing and growth. Known to provide relief for anxiety, chronic pain, fatigue, and focus issues.

TBSR Laser Coaching

You will receive greater clarity and answers to your central questions. You will leave the session with an understanding of which talents to cultivate and guidance about future steps.

1:1 Coaching - The Bloom-Space Reset

This is a totally transformative experience where you get to meet the real you. You will engage with a proven methodology to experience total integration. Improved direction in relationships, career, and life path. Expect a deepened sense of self and increased self-esteem.



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