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Since your subconscious keeps a record of all that is experienced in your lifetime(s), in collective memory, and across your family constellation, it is necessary to encounter yourself directly on this level. Your subconscious does the important work of creating your reality.

The Neurointuitive Method® allows you to unlock and unblock your subconscious through 1:1 sessions, small group facilitation, and a comprehensive product suite. This is not entry-level personal work. This is transformation: immediately lived, elite, and lasting. Break free from self-sabotaging behaviors, accidentally accrued baggage, and deep internal conflict.

Master Practitioner Keylee Miracle is an award-winning mental health professional with a wealth of experience in the fields of hypnotherapy, neuropsychology, and intuitive practice. Keylee's approach focuses on connecting the brain, body, and energy for lasting transformation.


Highly regarded for skilled approaches to neurodivergence, atypical presentations, and trauma-informed work, she has a 100% success rate of resolving initial complaints.​ The Neurointuitive Method®'s customizable approach takes into account varied learning styles. Its elegant blend of hypnosis, human design, neuropsychology, and intuitive practice is designed to meet each client where they are.

It's time to meet yourself fully.

Keylee is currently open to new 1:1 clients. 


Find out more about bespoke services and workshop design via consultation, book a standalone session, or join us for our monthly discovery call, Open Office Hour.

PayPal - Pay in 4  is available on all services and products.



Where Has The Neurointuitive Method® Been of Service?

TNM is highly effective in experiences with:


Trauma (personal & intergenerational), anxiety, achievement fatigue, self-acceptance, burnout, perfectionism/procrastination, neurodivergence & associated trauma, chronic pain relief & recovery, and more with a neurospecific approach.


If you have come this far, you probably have a sense that something is not clicking. Perhaps nothing is wrong but things simply don't feel right. That lingering sense of unease/blockage is what The Neurointuitive Method® resolves at its deepest level.


What Journeymakers Say

At KMGS, we have seen a select group of clients across six (6) continents. We remain committed to helping our clients thrive and reach their goals. Here's what some of them had to say:

Image by Annie Spratt

C.J. – New York City, US

Working with Keylee has been such an eye opener. It’s been really great to get to the root of a lot of the issues I’ve been having. Having experienced talk therapy for some time I felt that I needed something more aside from talking through things and coming up with coping strategies . Since I’ve been working with Keylee, I’ve been able to have a totally different approach to the way I see and understand things. I can finally sleep and I don’t walk around feeling like a ball of nerves as I used to in the past.

Book an appointment with her! You won’t regret it. You’ll definitely notice positive changes both internally and overall in your life. Booking with her is a great investment into yourself and your well being.

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How Can I Work With Keylee?

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My Policy

All services are confidential. I remain committed to providing sacred space for healing, growth, and safe mind travels.

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