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Keylee Miracle, M-NLP, CCH is The Neurointuitive®.


Keylee Miracle was born in New York City to Caribbean and South American parents. Descended from a spiritually, diplomatically, and civically-oriented lineage, she continues a legacy of healing.  Being raised in the most exciting, globally-minded city on earth left her with an inherent understanding of the "human." Extensive travel and a passion for language enhanced this natural inclination to connect deeply. After experiencing severe trauma and illness in adolescence, she became fascinated by the story and the lived experience of "healing." She began by delving into the realms of reproductive, mental, and neurological health.  


Keylee followed this thread into higher education, simultaneously pursuing neuropsychology and history studies. Throughout her training, she remained eager to create more possibility in healing for herself and others. Today, the founder employs her professional and scholarly experience plus generational spiritual gifts to guide clients.


As the creator and master practitioner of The Neurointuitive Method®, Keylee produces elite results through elite strategies. The method aligns the unconscious mind with conscious aims for excellence & ease. By stimulating deep brain regions, she efficiently creates enhanced windows of neuroplasticity through endogenous means. The Neurointuitive Method® provides care through the entire human story, including points of trauma, stagnation, and periods of growth.

Keylee has earned a reputation for life-changing work that crashes through mental and spiritual barriers to resolve conflict. She holds a central belief: Healing does not need to be hard. It needs to be tailored.

If you would like to host a healing event, would like a neurointuitive workshop designed for your organization, or would like her to serve as your personal neurointuitive, contact Team KMGS. Book a consultation for 1:1 work to go beyond talk therapy and reclaim your personal power. 


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