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The Neurointuitive


Keylee Miracle, M-NLP, CCH is The Neurointuitive™.

The founder deploys a neuropsych education, extensive clinical hypnotherapy training, and spiritual gifts to guide clients. As a 2x-board certified hypnotherapist trained in the U.S., Canada, and U.K., she produces elite results through elite strategies. The Neurointuitive Method™ effectively provides care through trauma, stagnation, and periods of intense growth over a lifetime. The method aligns the unconscious mind with conscious aims for Neurointuitive™ excellence.

The Reset, the signature offering, utilizes Neurointuitive™ work in a 1:1 coaching setting. Keylee is the Neurointuitive™ for high-achievers who have done everything right, but it still feels all wrong.

Keylee has earned a reputation for life-changing work that crashes through mental and spiritual barriers to resolve conflict. Repatterning the brain to fully serve and do so effectively contributes to personal joy. Everything practiced began through the founder's own healing journey. This led her to a central belief: Healing does not need to be hard. It needs to be tailored.

After experiencing severe trauma and existing in survival mode, the founder continued achieving at elite levels. When she stopped resisting her intuitive ability, she was able to use it with intention and heal myself. Following extensive training to become a master hypnotherapist, Keylee now shares her nature with select clients who are drawn to The Neurointuitive Method™. Keylee has trained in advanced trauma work with experts in the space including Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk, Dr. Thema Bryant-Davis, Dr. Janina Fisher, Kathy Steele, Dr. Stephen Porges, Dr. Ruth Buczynski, Dr. Pat Ogden, and Dr. Peter Levine. She takes a loving, strategic approach to growth lauded by clients globally.

If you have an article for Keylee to write, would like a neurointuitive workshop designed for your organization, or would like her to serve as your personal neurointuitive, contact Team KMGS. Book a consultation for 1:1 work to go beyond talk therapy and reclaim your personal power.