The Neurointuitive


I am The Neuorintuitive. I use a neuropsych background and spiritual gifts to guide my clients through trauma, stagnation, and periods of intense growth. I serve them by aligning their unconscious minds with their conscious aims utilizing my framework, The Bloom-Space Reset. I am the neurointuitive coach for high-achieving Black women and WOC who have done everything right, but it still feels all wrong.

I've earned a reputation for life-changing work that crashes through mental and spiritual barriers and repattern them to serve. Everything I practice began through my own healing journey, leading me to one belief: Healing does not need to be hard. It needs to be tailored.

I experienced my own severe trauma, spending many years in deep pain and survival mode all while achieving at elite levels. When I stopped resisting my intuitive power, I was able to use it with intention and heal myself. Now, I share my nature with select clients who are drawn to me. I take a loving, strategic approach to growth.

If you have an article for me to write, would like a neurointuitive workshop designed for your organization, or would like me to serve as your personal neurointuitive, contact me. Book a consultation for 1:1 work to go beyond talk therapy and reclaim your personal power. I, or someone on my team, will be in touch within 3 business days.